Does Technology Make The Heart Develop Fonder?

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Whoever’s held it’s place in a long-distance union knows that keeping love live over the range is difficult. Thankfully, technophiles throughout the world are trying to do their finest to help make those vast ranges vanish through smart phones, personal computers, cameras, alongside technologies. Today it appears as though the question from the heads of coders and inventors everywhere is “really does lack actually make heart expand fonder?”

Tasks like Pillow Talk, Path, and pair Fire believe that the clear answer might be “yes.” Have a look:

Pillow Chat

It sounds saucy, but try not to allow title trick you. The Pillow Talk device isn’t a naughty bedroom accessory, is in reality rather sweet. Here is how it functions: ease a ring on the little finger if your wanting to fall asleep. The minute you devote it on, the unit starts without any cables transferring signals to a pillow inside partner’s ownership. The pillow will quickly glow, when your loved one lays their unique directly it they will be able to hear your own pulse in real time. Trade rings and you can both benefit from the closeness of hearing one another’s hearts defeat inspite of the range.


Course phone calls alone a “wise diary that assists you share life making use of types you love – your opinions, the music you are listening to, where you’re, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and beautiful quality photos and videos.” Consumers can upload images and videos and comment on those items that some other users post. One of the greatest dilemmas long-distance couples face is feeling as if they are not part of both’s everyday lives, and route may be the best option.

Few Flame

Couple flames guarantees to help “Add spark your relationship.” So how exactly does it do that, you ask? Couple flames is actually a brand new private social networking for you personally plus long-distance love. Members get a virtual bulletin board on which they could upload images, date a few ideas, desires…anything and everything you can think about to cause you to feel a lot more connected with your spouse. It really is like Pinterest for loved-up long-distance partners!

And there’s always that shown, tried and tested savior of long-distance relationships: Skype. As crazy (and simply quite stalker-y) as some technical relationship innovations could seem, i cannot help getting intrigued by all of them. Interactions are difficult even though you reside the exact same city, consider use the miracles of technologies to attempt to ease the problems of long-distance love?


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